Creating A Blog

As a New Media and English student in University, a part of my study includes learning all about online media and within that we learn about creating your own blog.

Through the module on Technical Writing I am taking this semester, we are being taught how to set up a blog. We are given the objective of uploading a post at least once a week as part of this module in order to help our understanding of blogging and as a way to reflect on everything we learn.

My first post, therefore, will focus on what I’ve learned about setting up a blog and the useful steps I found when doing it.

The first step to creating a blog is the domain name. This is the name of your blog that people would search to find you. It is often the most difficult part of beginning a blog as there are many possibilities and the name you may want could already be taken. Simple names are the ones more used as they are easy to spell and remember.

Once that is decided, comes a more interesting part. Deciding on the theme of your blog. For my university blog, the lecturer advised us to use as this site provides pre-designed themes that are easily used and can be customised to suit any blog. I have chosen a simple theme called ‘Toujours’ for my blog. It is a free simple theme that can be change later on once I fully figure out what I will be focusing my posts on.

A tip I learned when adding a video to the post, is do not directly link the clip from YouTube. In order to get the video to appear on your post, like mine below, first post the link onto a Word page and right click it and select remove ‘hyper link’ and then past the resulting link in your post.

Below is a YouTube video explaining how to create a WordPress blog.



*Header image taken from here*


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